I am sorry

To all of you

Who’s posts I’ve been longing to read

I couldn’t read any… I couldn’t respond to any of your comments…

I am sorry…

How busy am I?

I don’t know…

Am I just claiming to be stressed out to fuel my laziness?

I don’t know…

Maybe I’m not busy…

Maybe I’m just wasting time doing things I don’t want to do…

In any case… I want to apologize…

I want you to believe that I am busy

But also know that

I’m wrong 5 out of 4 times

I want to read your posts and I want to write… The fact that I can’t hurts… I really want to write stuff… But… There’s so much work… There’s so many things to take care of.

I hope you are living your life/lives the way you want to.

I’m living my life… The way I am supposed to be… But I don’t know if this is what I want or this is what I need… I don’t know anything… I’m too lazy to think about it… So I ask someone else to do it for me.

I ask someone else to make my decisions for me. I call them friends.

If you don’t have one already. I insist you get yourself one.

Friends are multipurpose.

One day…. Probably some weekend, I will visit all your blogs… And read all that you’ve written up for me. Until then… Stay away from your cerebellum.


14 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. 🦊 my lovely fox!!!!
    Hugging you sooooooooooo hard right now. We all have slumps. Some more than others. I get it. Do what you can do when the spark arrives. Ignite it. Fly. You are Fox. You’re fucking brilliant
    I adore you 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 🦊Me too.
        I don’t like the “get off your arse, loser” approach to feeling down. I see some of your commenters went that way and that’s fine but I know that DOES NOT work for me. I need a bit of a “look, I get you… it’s hard now…but it won’t be forever. Until it’s not (and after) I’m here hugging you .” So that’s what I gave you. Felt you and felt you needed it.

        Liked by 1 person

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